iPhone 6S Plus with Improved Specs

Apple presents an improved iPhone 6S Plus with a 12MP rear facing camera.

There is no doubt that we were all very happy with what Apple had to present at their big event, but you can bet that there negative comments about it as well. When Apple was presenting Apple TV and other things, all we could think about what was when they were going to talk about the iPhone. When they finally did, we saw the new rose color the iPhone 6S was going to have and that the rear facing camera was also improved.



The glass in the new iPhone´s is stronger and it is very difficult to break and is obviously a good thing since after Bendgate, the last thing they need is another issue like that one. The improved iPhones features a third-generation 64-bit A9 chip, something gamers are going to love since they will get 90% more power for gaming.

There have also been improvements to the Touch ID fingerprint since now, it is going to be twice as fast. iPhones users are going to love that the rear facing camera now has 12MP and that the FaceTime camera now has 5MP. 4K video is now possible with the improved iPhone 6S Plus and there is also the special Live Photo features that allows users to record 1.5 seconds of video on each side of a picture to get movement.



On the iPhone 6S Plus features image stabilization, something that you are not going to find on the normal iPhone 6S. The best feature for many was probably the addition of 3D Touch, just in case you are not too familiar with it, it is like the Force Touch technology you have already seen on the Apple Watch. For example, lets say you get a new Email, if you light press, that will give you a look inside, but if you press even harder, it will take you directly to that content.

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