iPhone Accessories – WakeMate Smart Alarm Clock

Latest iPhone/cell phone accessory. The WakeMate isprogrammed to wake you up at your lowest sleep point. Great health accessory.

It is early in the morning and you have to get up for work or any other activity but dumb alarm clock rings just when you are dreaming  about to grabbing a bag full of money. Not only do you wake up groggy and unhappy but you are left without the feeling of having that money in your hands. It is a good idea to have a gadget that wakes you up just at the right moment so you can be as energized as possible. The WakeMate Smart Alarm Clock wakes you up at the perfect time to you can wake up as great as possible.

If you don’t want to be left out in getting yourself a gadget like this then pre-order you WakeMate Smart Alarm Clock now at the companies official site. If you do decide to pre-order the company is going to ask you to give UD$5 down and then the rest when it becomes officially available on January 25th 2010.

WakeMateThe good thing about WakeMate Smart Alarm Clock is that it is compatible with any cell phone that has bluetooth so if you have a cell phone from years back, don’t worry if it has bluetooth you are good to go.

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