iPhone Controlled Musical Mercedes SLS

If you love cars and your iPhone then this is something that you are definitely going to want since you will be able to drive a Mercedes and use your iPhone at the same time.

If you are a music fan, love cars and just can´t stop using your iPhone, then Hammacher Schlemmer has something for you. It is the iPhone Controlled Musical Mercedes SLS and it is an iPhone controlled Mercedes that can reproduce music through the cars speakers. The songs that the Mercedes will play are not pre-installed since the song it can play are the ones that are in your iPhone. In order to use the iPhone car, you will need to install a free App but that is just a small step to complete.

iPhone Controlled Musical Mercedes SLS

When the iPhone car stops it opens its doors so you can hear your favorite tunes but when it moves it is able to flash its light in tempo with the song that is being played. By tilting your smartphone you can guide you iPhone car to the left or to the right and thanks to the motion sensing accelerometers you can either accelerate forward or backward. The App that you will need to install in your iPhone actually displays the authentic Mercedes SLS dashboard and steering whee and complete with the iconic three pointed star logo on the horn.

The users can even turn on the cars turn signals, brake lights, headlights and interior light just by touching your iPhone´s display. The iPhone controlled Musical Mercedes SLS is available now for US$129.95.

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