iPhone in South Korea on November 28th

iPhone in South Korea on November 28th,tomorrow. See what company is in charge is distributing the iPhone and their prices.

I think everyone reading this doesn’t  need a long list of specs of the iPhone since I think everyone with one knows their iPhone so well they could work for Apple in explaining the specs to others. There is a place that still hasn’t had the pleasure to use the iPhone, amazingly there is still  a place and that country is called South Korea. They are not going to have to wait long since pre-orders were being taken in on November 22nd and that KT Corp., the local mobile carrier which has contracted with Apple to sell service plans for the phone, says it has received 53,000 advance orders ahead of Saturday’s official launch.

The iPhone is causing so much buzz in South Korea that it is even affecting people’s health, take a look at what this guy said and felt.

“I can’t wait to get my iPhone,” said Na Hae-bin, a 30-year-old market researcher at an internet company, who reserved one as soon as he could. “My heart was beating fast.”

The 32-gigabyte iPhone 3G S will cost as little as 132,000 won ($114) when purchased on a 24-month payment plan, said KT, which is also introducing the 16-gigabyte 3G S and the 8-gigabyte 3G models.There is a good chance that after reading this yo probably laughed our loud or internally but just remember how you felt minutes before you were actually going to get your hands on your very first iPhone. Samsung and LG are going to have to come up with something in order to not be left behind in South Korea. I guess we are just going to have to let time pass  to see how much “destruction” the iPhone is going to cause to other companies.

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