iPhones with Big Displays are on Their Way

When will the big screened iPhones be available? No one knows but at least Apple is working on them, whohoo!

For reasons we are not aware of, Apple has refused to make their iPhones with large displays. Even with their clients creaming for a big screened iPhones, Apple refused to make them. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is already working on iPhone with a display bigger than 4.5 Inches.

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Apple is working on two iPhones to be exact, one of them is going to have a display bigger than 4 Inches and the other iPhone is going to have a display bigger than 5 Inches. The 2014 iPhones are not only going to see changes in the size of their display but they are also loosing their plastic style and adopting a metal like style.

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The iPhone that has a display no bigger than 5 Inches is being prepared for mass production but the iPhone with the larger then 5 Inch display is still in development. The new iPhones should be presented around September if all goes well, so for now, we have quite a few months to go.

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