Your iPod Nano 5g Receives Some Much Expected Changes

Changes to the iPod Nano 5g, long awaited features finally added after a long wait.

After requesting and requesting and complaint after complaint, Apple has finally added some changes to the iPod Nano that many do not understand why they were not included sooner. Really is it really that hard for Apple to include a simple radio to the iPod Nano? I think not. Good thing that the new iPod Nano 5G will have one with Live Pause and will also have a camera that from the looks of it records video but no pictures.

The new iPod Nano 5G will also feature a speaker and microphone, iTunes Tagging, a pedometer that will go great with the Nike+ Integration, larger 2.2-inch display (up from 2.0-inches) with a 376 x 240 resolution, and like we said earlier that it can capture video footage in VGA quality (640 x 480) H.264, with up to 30fps and AAC audio.

With your new iPod Nano 5G you will also receive 15 real-time special effects including Sepia, Black and White, X-Ray, Film Grain, Thermal, Security Cam, Cyborg, Bulge, Kaleido and Motion Blur.  The new iPod Nano gives you 24 hours when playing back audio and 5 hours of video playback. Lets talk money, the 8GB model will set you back $149 and the 16GB edition at $179, oh yeah one thing the yellow and red are Apple Store exclusives.

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