iTunes Jukebox

Listen to your favorite tune with The iTunes Jukebox, 50´s style with todays technology.

For those of you that just love the 50´s but also love today technology, now you can have the best of both worlds with the iTunes Jukebox. You will listen you your favorite tunes whether they be from the 50´s or today with the light show we always get from those jukebox´s we just can´t get enough of.

The iTunes Jukebox features 80GB of storage which means that you are going to be able to listen to up to 2,000 o music, if you have that much time. With the iTunes Jukebox you are going to get a 15″ touchscreen, external keyboard and mouse. You can either upload you music through your CD´s, but it off the Internet, have a friend transfer the music through its bluetooth with its bluetooth interface. The iTunes Jukebox supports both CD-R/CD-RW media and can also burn CDs, and features 4 speaker that give you 100 watts of output and if you are going to get one be careful, it does weight 89 Pounds and costs, $5,000.00 (3,409.90€) and it can be all your at

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