James Cameron Confirms that Avatar will be a Quadrilogy

Avatar fans will be happy to know that there favorite blue skinned friends are going to be back for three more movies, making Avatar a quadrilogy.

I remember when I went to see Avatar, it was crowded and that is the way I think we all like to go see a movie. When the movies was over, you could only hear everyone saying how great the effects where and how great the movie was in general. The 3D Avatar experience was great with all the colorful creatures and the things that were pointed directly at us. We were all hoping and asking ourselves when they were going to make the sequel, thinking that only a second one will be made but man were we wrong.

James Cameron Confirms that Avatar will be a Quadrilogy

The sequel for Avatar is said to be released in December of 2016,and many probably think that that release date is a tad bit to far away but of they are taking there time making the movie, that means they have more time to make it the best sequel in history and that is definitely worth waiting for. Avatar 3 and 4 should be release in 2017 and 2018 so at least those movies won´t be that far apart. The good news for these movies is that WETA is going to be behind the effects because if you loved the effects that the first avatar had then you will definitely love the one that Avatar 2,3 and 4 will have.

James Cameron is going to get some help with the other 3 Avatar movies since Shane Salerno (Savages), Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds). Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver ( both wrote Plamet of the Apes) are going to be helping out in the making of these movies. The three movies are going to be filmed at the same time next year and both of them will have a December release but with a difference between them of only a year. So all we can do now is just wait and entertain with movies such as Star Trek and other upcoming films.

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