Jensen JiPS-250i iPad Dock

Jensen provides us with another model for our iPad, the JiPS-250i. What can we find in this dock and what makes it different from others?

The iPad accessories just keep on coming and that is exactly how we like it. If the other models ( of iPad docks) were not what you were looking for, then good thing that there is another model called the Jensen JiPS-250i iPad Dock. It does have a different design from its competitors and Jensen is probably hoping that the design at least helps it sell.

In the Jensen JiPS-250i iPad Dock you are going to find a rotating dock which is the feature that is going to allow you to look at your iPad horizontally or vertically. The dock also comes equipped with built in speakers and a video line-out connection, which can be used to attach a separate display.

Jensen throws in for free an apps that will provide you with an alarm clock, a voice recorder, a calendar, an equalizer, a music player, a photo album, and a social networking integration. Think that you are only going to be able to use this dock with your iPad? Well think again since it is also compatible with your iPod and iPhone.

We are going to have to wait to see when it is going to become available and how much we are going to have to pay for it.

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