Jitterbug – Cell Phone for the Elderly with a Facebook Feature

Jitterbug is a simple yet great cell phone the elderly since it features an easy upload of pics to Facebook and more!

The company GreatCall is known for making cell phones for the elderly and this time they are bringing us their latest creation called the Jitterbug Plus. As you can see that the cell hone does not have a modern design which is great for those who want to linger in the past a little while longer. The display of the Jitterbug cell phone is nice and big so the numbers are easily read and there is even room for the zip code.

As you can also see that there aren’t a whole lot of buttons and it only has a Yes, No, Speaker and up and down buttons.  Speaker quality from previous Jitterbug phones has been improved, and the phone features an M4/T4 hearing aid rating. The improved battery provides up to 25 days of standby. The Jitterbug cell phone also features a 1.3 MP camera that and its user can (after signing into their Facebook account) share pictures on Facebook with one-touch. Hopefully grandma or grandpa will like this feature butif they don’t, there is a way to shut it off.


Other thins that you are sure to like is that the cell phone also features a simplified version of 5Star Urgent Response, to aid in a medical emergency. You can also reach a GreatCall operator by dialing 0 and then the operator gives you assistance in managing the phone’s contact book or calendar.

Jitterbug Plus would usually sell for $119 normally, but if you act now you can get it for $99. If you don’t want a commitment, not to worry since the Jitterbug cell phone world without a contract and does not charge for long distance or roaming. If you are interested in the Jitterbug Plus cell phone, it can be purchased on the GreatCall website, or by calling 1-866-554-4751. The phone will also be available at various electronics retailers.

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