Join a Skype Conversation Even if You Don´t have an Account

Skype now allows your friends with no accounts to join the conversation.

You may have felt a little left out by not being able to join in on the conversation, just because you didn´t have an account. I would too if that happened to me too, but the good news is that the latest version of Skype for Mac, Windows and web now allows users to send their friends a link so they can join the conversation.

I´m afraid that there is some temporary bad news in all of this and it is that this link creating feature is only limited to Canada and the United States, but it will be available in other countries the coming weeks. I haven´t been so happy about a piece of info since Skype announced free international calls.

There will also be an update coming out to the mobile app for iPhone, Android, iPad so they to can join in on the fun. It looks like Windows Phone users will have a to wait a little longer since there is no info as to when they will get the update, but lets hope that they don´t have to wait too long.

Skype has not mentioned this, but it has been reported that the link feature has worked in Canada and if you want to start a conversation all you have to fo is click on the + New Button that is located above the contact list and then just share the link that you see in the windows. It´s that simple. Skype has not said anything on whether users will be able to change the link in any way, but hopefully they will say something soon.

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