Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi Device 2015

With Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi Deicce 2015 you can keep your tablets, PC´s, Mac´s and your Android devices protected against malicious software.

It would be nice to just turn on our devices and surf the web without worrying about a virus getting in and destroying our device but we all know that is not going to happen. Anything that is connected to the Internet (even your fridge) is exposed to all kinds of dangers and that is why we need security softwares like Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device 2015.


Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi Device 2015


With this security software for multi-devices you can mix and match its security to fit any combo of devices and you obviously get real time protection. The point of security software is to prevent viruses and other dangers from getting in and besides doing that Kaspersky gives us premium anti-theft/loss protection for our beloved Android smartphones and other Android devices.

Internet Security for PC:

  • Your shopping and banking activities will be secured
  • Protected against all kinds of Internet dangers
  • Identity and privacy secured
  • Denies unauthorized access to you webcam
  • Allows you to use public Wi-Fi with no worries since you will be completely covered.


  • Keeps your identity safe with virtual keyboard
  • Real time protection
  • Secure Online shopping and browsing
  • Promises to keep the Kids safe as well


  • Protected against mobile malware and Internet dangers
  • Filters your texts and calls with its privacy protection
  • Anti-theft protection thanks to the remote web management


Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi Device 2015


Since Kaspersky is just so nice, they have decided to throw in a FREE, yes you read right, a FREE Safe Browser. The key features for this safe browser include a filters that keeps out inappropriate content and it even helps keep you out of phishing websites that only want to steal your valuable info.

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