Keep Your Facebook Profile Safe with Friend or Foe

Discover what other Facebook users you can trust and keep your profile safe with Friend or Foe.

¨You have the right to know what is said about you in Facebook¨ With this phrase Kaspersky presents their new web application called Friend or Foe, an Online tool that allows you to control some adjustments in order to improve your profiles security. You can evaluate and check how valuable your friends are according to a series of data and even show them what other are saying about them.

Friend or Foe is a free web app that allows you to identify users that could be a possible threat in Facebook and it also explains how to keep your personal information safe in Facebook.


Friend or Foe


By using friend or foe you can investigate  which of your Facebook friends are spammers, are active, are jerks and other things that will help you decide if they are the kind of friends you what to have.

How to use Friend or Foe? it is very easy to use and the very first thing you will need to do is obviously connect your Facebook account to Friend or Foe and have some patience, why? Well, since the first time you try out the web app it could take up to 30 minutes to analyze your account. Once it is done, it will show you some useful information so you can start cleaning your Facebook account.

Keep Your Facebook Profile Safe with Friend or Foe


It is completely understandable to doubt some accounts but especially what other can see about yours. Why? We all know that Facebook gathers a lot of information about us, like what type of content we publish, our searches and the kind of apps we use, among others. If this kind of information fell into the wrong hands, we could be in serious trouble but Friend or Foe gives you the opportunity to control what other can see about your account.

Among other things Friend or Foe shows how many videos and pictures a user publishes, the number of likes, active accounts and the ones that don´t create their own content. Friend or Foe is available in various languages such as Spanish, English, Germsn,  French and Italian. Remember that you can always stop using an app in Facebook even Friend or Foe. In order to erase an ap just go to settings/Apps

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