Kim Dotcom Resigns as Mega´s Director

Is Mega in danger? Hopefully it isn´t and it would be in the near future with Kim Dotcom not being its director anymore.

This is something I think many of us thought that we would never read about. Kim Dotcom is officially no longer Mega´s director. The reason that Dotcom has stepped down as Mega´s director is that he is going to focus on other business interests. Dotcom also wanted to free up some of his time for his political aspiration and ongoing legal battles. Dotcom also needed more time to work on his unnamed music service that is going to be launching in the coming months.


Dotcom officially resigned on August 29th and no time was wasted in assigning his position to Hong Kong based Nonnie Lam that very same day. Dotcom also wants to create a political party and being Mega´s director was just not giving his enough time to so all the previously mentioned things. This has not come as much of a surprise to some since Dotcom said earlier this month that he was planning on following political aspirations.

Dotcom has plans to participate in next years elections and that obviously requires a lot of time. The legal issues are not going as smooth as Dotcom would like since he might have to wait until next year for the hearing and it is in that hearing that he will know if he will be extradited to the United States or not. There is no doubt that Dotcom has quite a few things to keep himself busy with. Hopefully we won´t have to wait long for MegaBox.

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