Kiwi Calendar – New Web App for Workaholics

Kiwi Calendar was created especially for workaholics since it reminds you when you need to take a break.

Are you one of many people that are addicted to their jobs? If so you might want to check out KiWi Calendar since it is a web a that was made especially for people who are addicted to their jobs. The great thing about this calendar is that when it detects that you are working too hard, it will recommend certain activities for you so you can relax

Kiwi Calendar is being tested with a small amount of U.S users but hopefully the rest of us won´t have to wait too long to use the app. The company behind the creation of Kiwi Calendar is PapayaMobile and instead of launching a mobile calendar app first they went with a web app since they thought that users check their calendar on a desktop rather than on their Smartphones.

Kiwi Calendar also has social features since you can also share when you have some free time but without revealing the rest of your calendar.  Users will also be able to find events their friends are planning on Facebook if you have finally admitted you need some time off.

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