Kodak to Stop Making Digital Cameras and More

Kodak has announced that it is going to slowly phase out its products this year, which ones?

It is obviously very sad to see a company one grew up seeing slowly pulling back. Back in the day Kodak was considered a company that would always be around since it didn’t seem likely that people would stop taking pictures. But when the digital era came along that is when Kodak started struggling but hung there. The name Kodak was born in 1888 and ts very first slogan was, “You press the button – we do the rest.”. From the looks of it after filing for bankruptcy protection, Kodak is no longer able to do the rest.

Kodak digital cameras

Kodak has announced that it is going to slowly stop making its digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and digital picture frames. They will begin to phase out there products in the first half of this year but it is not like Kodak is going to disappear completely. They are now going to mainly focus on things like retail photo-processing kiosks, digital dry lab systems, online photo-sharing and -processing services, its camera accessories and batteries, and its products for traditional film-based photography, including photographic paper, processing equipment and consumer inkjet printers.

Kodak has yet not released information on how many employees are going to loose their jobs but Kodak is going to spend approximately US$30 million in separation benefits for employees displaced by the decision.

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