Kraft Pudding Machine – Free Pudding Only for Adults

Kraft launches a campaign where it will literally only give pudding to adults and not children.

I think I speal for everyone when I say that we love getting gree food. Just the sight of the free samples at your local supermaket just makes us forget what we went in there to buy an dhead straight for the tray and hang out there for a while. If you happen to like pudding then you are definitely going to love what Kraft is doing but also dislike it if you have kids who also like pudding. Kraft has launched a new marketing initiative that has it distributing free samples of its mousse-like Temptations dessert by Jell-O through a special machine.

Pudding Machine Kraft

“It has a big gee-whiz factor,” says Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft’s director of innovation and consumer experiences. “This is intelligent marketing. We’re making certain we get the right sample to the right consumer.”

When I say free pudding for adults only I wasn´t kidding since the machine, when it detects someone, it will analyze your face and if it detects that you are a kid, it tells you to step aside but if it detects otherwise, FREE PUDDING. The reason for this is they this is a type of pudding that Fraft is aiming at adults at not children. So if you happen to be in Chicago, you will find this freepudding machine at your local supermarket.

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