The apps that will help you fulfill those New Year resolutions

Now that it is already 2018, are also close to 364 days to implement those purposes that we had in mind to start a time to end December. Whether it’s a large goal or a small one, what is certain is that the beginning of a new year is always a killer of morale to those who decide to change their way of life.

Eat healthier, do sports or listen to more: some apps to help us get goals

But realistically, how easy it is to set a goal as to leave it abandoned before what we believe. To be able to mark the steps to follow in our path we can rely on friends and family, creating routines that we pave the ground and also, how not, to take the hand of a few applications that are designed to ensure that we do not desmotivemos ahead of time.

1 – To run! Among the purposes most common find the of exercise and establish a healthy balance between the sport and the lifestyle that we have. As much as we want to start them in the running to run the San Silvestre to do a marathon, the main thing is to get the sport and want to go for a run.

And what about after? With applications like Nike Running, offering training programs that adapt themselves to the user as it progresses, or Couch to 5K, that allows to stimulate the runner up to be able to do five kilometres.

2-Eat healthy. Just as important as moving to burn calories or to clear your mind of everyday problems is to eat properly. In the end, the quality of our food depends on our performance, so it is not a topic to leave in the hands of anyone.

If this 2018 we want to start a friendly relationship with what we put on our plate, we can resort to MyFitnessPal, an application that takes account of the nutrients and calories that we are ingesting in each meal. Once we have warned you that something doesn’t work, then we can move on to download Fooducate, which seeks to educate users on the difference between 1,000 calories of processed food and 1000 calories of natural foods.

3 – Save more. To establish a control between what we spend and what we save on the basis of what you enter seems to be the key to a life without headaches on the financial issue, but it is more difficult to meet.

So, to go to begin to become accustomed to live according to our possibilities and we can use this Digit, month-to-month establishes a percentage of money that we can go to saving for the future. The maximum savings is the interest of every user, but even a few euros can end up assuming an enormous difference. Is available on both iOS and Android.

4-self-Improvement. It is important to devote a few minutes a day to reflect on the day and set a minimum organization to the next. The app Letz works with Artificial Intelligence to remind us of the tasks that we have already concluded and that may bring us closer to our goal; when the goal is far away, sometimes the mind falls because the tour is skewed.

Also to learn that every day is important we can use 1 sec every day, an application that allows you to keep a video journal of a second shape, at the end of the year, a film with all the moments that were important in 2018.

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