Latest Videogames from EA – E3 2014

EA finally has their annual conference and announced various videogames such as Madden 15 and FIFA 15.

The best event for gamers is finally here and EA has already announced the vieogames that they are working on and the ones that are going to be available soon.


E3 2014 Todo lo que EA Anunció



For example we have Star Wars: Battlefront that is going to be available in spring of 2015.



At the EA press conference there was game footage and in the following video,you will see what developers went through to make the best Star Wars videogame possible.



Then we have Mass Effect 4 and  new IP.  They weren´t to specific on the details but they did say that in this game layers will be taken somewhere nre and that we are going to be shocked as to just how far they have gone. The new IP is said to have a physical world that will make us feel alive and real.

Other games include The Sims 4 where we are going to be able to control our sims hearts. The player will be able to create personality profiles for their SIMs and enjoy a new gallery feature that will allow us to import the other players SIM along with their personalities.

Then there is NHL 15 for the hockey fans with more realistic physics for the puck and players. Hockey fans will have to wait until September for the game and lets hope that wait is worth the game.



Then there is UFC for martial arts lovers and the good news is that fans are not going to have to wait too long for it since it is going to launch next week for PS4 and XBox One.

Golf fan? There´s game for you too, PGA Tour that will allow players to either play on realistic golf courses or fantasy ones. Te following video will give you an insight as to what he golf courses will look like.



Criterion has a new IP for us that will put us in charge of oats, ATVs, Wing-suits and ATVs.

In Madden NFL 15 we will enjoy new defensive cameras and now it is going to be easier to attack the offense. The defenders will now be able to choose in which direction they push their opponents and they are only going to have to wait until August 26th to do so.


Other games that were announced were Dawngate, Mirror´s Edge 2, and FIFA 15 that has better visuals and player memories throughout the game.


There are also new strides,  new stutters, and new ball handling skills. There are also improvements in the stadiums environments and we are only going to have to wait until this fall.

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