Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security Software

When you Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security, you get complete coverage against all Internet dangers.

We are constantly hearing hearing about certain sites are attacked and thank your lucky starts that it wasn´t our computer that was attacked. Just because it wasn´t us this time, there is no guarantee that it won´t be us next time. That is why we need to download the best Total Security software we can buy. One that would love to be in your computer is Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security Software.

With Ad-Aware Total Security you will get a fast anti-virus, Download protection regardless of file format, Automatic Threat Updates, and you can play your favorite games and watch your favorite movies with no interruptions thanks to Game Mode.


Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security


You can also enjoy Safe Browsing and Safe Shop & Bank Online, so you can shop ´till you drop online with all your important info being kept away from those cyber criminals. Your eMails are also scanned for any dangers  and thanks to Parental Control, your kids won´t be able to access sites you have note authorized.

Other services that the security software offers is File Shredder, Digital Lock, Advanced Firewall, External Storage Scan, Social Network Protection, Malware Sandbox Emulator, Pin-Point Scanning, Real-Time Protection and Legendary Antispyware.

Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security

You can Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security right now from the company´s official site, but your computer will need to have Windows 7, Vista or XP. There are different models to choose from but just like the name says, with this software you get Total Protection in just one software.

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