Lawsuit Against AT&T for Allegedly Over-Charging iPhone Users up to 300%

AT&T being taken to court on charges on over-charging their iPhone customers up to 300%.

I think that we have all been over charged sometime in our lives and sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes we are not. If you didn’t like or were indecisive about AT&T, this isn’t going to give the company any points. Basically AT&T is being sued because they are “supposedly” charging $10 to $15 a month on additional charges for their iPhone customers but sometimes it goes up as much as 300%.

In order to sue AT&T, you are going to need proof and that is why the lawyers that are suing the company paid a firm to conduct a independent tests where everything consisted of buying new iPhones and disabling any applications that could trigger data usage, and just let them sit there for two weeks without using them. The shocking results where that there were charges for 35 separate transactions, huh????

The lawyers found that every single transaction they tested was over-charged and I’m sure you can guess what AT&T had to say about this. They said that the allegations were without merit and that they properly charge their customers. This isn’t the first time that the company is accused about something like this and we will just have to wait and see how this one is settled.

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