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Hello Kitty 13 Inch TV. Hello Kitty LCD TV’s make a great Christmas gift for any Hello Kitty lover.

Yes, I’m afraid hello kitty also has her own TV but I’m sure you already knew that. If your kids room is 99.9% Hello Kitty then why not fill in that 1% with this Hello Kitty 13 Inch LCD TV. It’s not flat screen but just the simple fact that is from Hello Kitty will keep your kid happy. We here keep on reminding everyone that Christmas is getting closer by the minute because if you’re like  me and need like a million reminders just to do one thing then those reminders come in handy.

Specifications for the Hello Kitty 13 Inch LCD TV

This LCD TV features a digital tuner,  1280 x 800 pixels, a brightness of 275cd/m2, a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a viewing angle of 100 degrees. Hello Kitty’s ribbon could not be left behind but this time it comes in the shape of the cat’s ribbon and the built in speakers are capable of delivering 3W x 2 ch.

Price and Availability for the Hello Kitty 13 Inch LCD TV

If for some strange reason there is a space in your kids bedroom the size of a cat TV then the Hello Kitty 13 Inch LCD TV would fit perfectly and it can be all yours for $550.00 right now.

This is just one of many models that are available so remember to shop around first but remember not to take to long because it just might not be there when you get back to your LCD TV.


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