How to Leave a WhatsApp Group and Look Good in the Process

Leaving a WhatsApp group without anyone noticing can be done by blocking group notifications.

Sometimes we get so caught up in joining groups that before we know it, we are in way over our heads.

Before you know it, your eye is twitching so how fed up you are from hearing that sound that alerts you of a new notification. If this is your case then you are probably asking yourself: How to leave a WhatsApp group WITHOUT ANYONE no one gets mad at me?


The bad news is that completely¨Leaving¨ a WhatsApp group without anyone noticing is not possible for the time being. Your WhatsApp friends will notice if you suddenly decide to leave the group.

The good news is that there is another way of ¨leaving¨a WhatsApp group  without anyone else noticing since we would ¨still¨continue to be a part of that group but we would not receive those annoying and very little important notifications.

In order to accomplish this we have to execute one simple step that would block the notifications of a WhatsApp group instantly WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING!


  1. Access the group you wish to block
  2. Push the Info button
  3. In the info windows of the group select the Silent option
  4. and now select the amount of time you wish to block or silence the conversations and notifications of the group, and vuala!. You have ¨abandoned¨ the group without anyone noticing.



The advantage of  ¨leaving¨a WhatsApp group this way is that you can always ¨return¨to the group without having to give anyone explanations. If all you needed way a vacation from a certain group, this is a great way to get it without anyone getting mad at you for really leaving.

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