LED Book Light with Rechargeable Battery

Great accessory for travelers or for those who love to read at night, LED Book Light with Rechargeable Battery.

If you love to read, reading during the day is not a problem at all but when the lights go out and you are not, that’s when the problem arises. What about if you are traveling and you have not type of lighting to help you read that last chapter if the book that you are reading. Holding a flashlight can get pretty tiring after a while but not with the LED Book Light with the Rechargeable Battery.

LED Book Light with Rechargeable Battery

With the LED Book Light you get a reading accessory that features an ergonomic thumb groove and detachable page clip that way you know what page you were reading last. The 3-stage dimmer can be adjusted to give you the right amount of brightness you want. Another great feature is that just by recharging the 3 AAA batteries with your computer’s USB port with the cable provided; operates for 30 hours on a 4-hour charge. Comes with protective travel /storage pouch.

This makes a great traveling gift for those who are always traveling or for those who enjoy a good book before going to bed and don’t want to bother anyone else.Available for US$40 at The Sharper Image.

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