Lenovo P70t Smartphone with a 4.000 mAh Battery

Looking for a smartphone with a long lasting battery? How about the Lenovo K70t that features a 4.00mAh battery.

Lets face it, smartphones have become something that most of us just can´t live without. We use them for just about everything and that is why we usually have to charge them right before we go to sleep. That is why we would desperately welcome smartphone with powerful batteries like the Lenovo P70t that features a 4.000 mAh battery.


Lenovo P70t smartphone


Lenovo´s latest smartphone has a standby time of 46 days and 15 hours with the display on. The display is a 5 Incher with a 720 x 1280 resolution, but the spec list keeps going with its 1GB of RAM, 13MP rear facing camera, 5MP front facing camera, 8GB of internal memory, and 64-bit LTE chipset by mediatek.

The smartphone measures 142mm x 71.8 x 8.9mm and is set to come out soon, but so far there is no exact date available. Looks like we are also going to have to wait to see what price the Lenovo P70t will have. Does this smartphone sound like one you might be interested in?

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