Leo Messi on the Cover of FIFA 15

The World Cup in Brazil is over and now EA wants everyone to see that Messi will be on the cover of FIFA 15.

Looks like we are going to have to wait another 4 years in order to enjoy another World Cup but until that time comes we can keep our minds busy with FIFA 15. The popular soccer game is not available just yet but for now, we can at least now who has gotten the grand price of being on he cover. Dare to guess?


Leo Messi  on the Cover of FIFA 15


It is Leo Messi, big surprise,huh? The soccer star that recently received the best player award in the World Cup 2014 will take up the entire cover of FIFA 15 all by himself. This time, Messi, will be shown running and kicking the soccer ball. In FIFA 15 we are going to see over 600 new emotional reactions that are going to make the player seem even more real.

The players are going to react to certain events and actions as they would in real life and there is also support for dynamic match presentation, a living pitch, team tactics and more. You can get your hands on FIFA 15 on September 23rd in the US, September 26th in the UK and September 25th in Europe.

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