LG G Pad – The Possible iPad Killer

Looks like the iPad finally has some competition and that competition goes by the name of the LG G Pad, get to know its specs here.

Good news for anit-iPad people since LG has announced their latest creation that goes by the name of the LG G Pad 8.3. This new LG tablet is going to get its big launch day at the IFA 2013 that is set to start in a couple of days. The G Pad is not the companies first tablet since the last tablet was the Optimus Pad LTE 8.9 and it was larger than the current G Pad. The G Pad is LG´s is the companies latest tablet since  January 2012. The G Pad will be slim and sleek and it is going to feature a great 4600mAH battery.

The G Pad is going to be bigger than the iPad mini but smaller than the iPad 2. The G Pad weighs 338 grams while the iPad 2 weighs 613 grams, a point in favor of the G Pad. LG tablet will also feature 16GB of memory, HD display and a front and back camera but looks like we are going to have to wait to find out the MP. The G Pad is also going to have a great feature KnockON and with this feature users can turn off the tablet by tapping twice on the display.

There is also the Slide Aside feature that will allow you to do just that slide aside all that you have open to open a new one. The bad news is that we won´t be able to take calls on the G Pad but we will be able to see calls and messages come in to our phone and text responses right from the tablet. There is also QSlide that will allow G Pad users to have up to three apps open and showing on the same window at once. Unfortunately the price for the LG G Pad has not been announced yet but there is a good chance that we will be hearing something at the IFA 2013.

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