LG Thrive Pre-Paid Smartphone

AT&T’s first pre-paid smartphone that can also be purchased on contract, the LG Thrive (pre-paid) and the LG Phoenix.

If you are more of a pre-paid person then there is one more model for you to choose from if you belong to AT&T. Your new new smartphone is the LG Thrive that is based upon the LG Optimus One. The LG Thrive is a smartphone that offers you Android 2.2. Froyo, WiFi, HSDPA 7.2 3G data speeds, 600MHz application processor, 160MB User Memory w/ microSD storage (up to 32GB), 2GB microSD card installed, Stereo Bluetooth, Quad-band GSM / Tri-band 3G (world capable), 1500 mAh long-life battery, Text/Picture and Video Messaging support, and POP3/IMAP/Gmail/EAS email support,  a 3.2 inch touchscreen display (resolution of 320 x 4800, it comes with  and features a 3.2 megapixel camera with built in autofocus. The camera could have been better, a 5MP camera would be the minimum they could do but oh well.

The smartphone can be all yours as of April 17th and it can be all yours for US$180. If you want the smartphone, I am afraid that AT&T is going to make you sign of to one of those pre-paid smartphon plans. Just in case you  have been wondering what some data plan options are here is a few. There is $5 for 10MB, $15 for 10MB and $25 for 500MB (new). If you didn’t see any options that have interested you then how about choosing between these two, the Smartphone $0.10/min Plan or Smartphone $2/day Unlimited Talk and Text Plan.

If you are more into contract the pre-paid and are interested in the smartphone then remember this name, the LG Phoenix since that is the name that the smartphone is going to be known if you want it with a contract. With a contract is it obviously cheaper, with its price tag being of US$50.

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