Light and Sound Hat – Great Winter Accessory

Light and Sound Hat is a great Winter accessory to have since it features built in speakers and is compatible with most music devices such as your iPod.

As the days pass by it is getting colder and colder and we obviously have to be prepared but we want to still look good while we wear our Winter accessories like The Light and Sounds Hat. It is just like your ordinary winter hat but this one is high tech because while you are listening to your iPod,MP3/MP4 players, cellphones, or musical playback device you don’t have to wear another pair of headphones and when I say another I say that because The Light and Sound Hat already has a pair included.

As you can see in the image the Light and Sound Hat also shows you your music and it recharges via USB. While wearing th Light and Sound Hat you are going to become a light show on 2 legs and this gadget is also great for letting yourself be seen at night since around these dates there are people that are in a hurry and will be able to see you better with these types of devices.

SOUNDHATThe Light and Sound Hat seems to be out of stock for the time being but at least you know its there and you can check the site it is available at to see when it might become available. The Light and Sound Hat can be all your for $29.98 (19.99€) at

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