The Light Casting Gloves

Welcome winter with the Light Casting Gloves that feature LED lights to light your way.

Winter is coming and you will obviously need to have the proper clothing. You may already have your winter gloves but do those gloves have LED lights? I bet they don´t but the Light Casting Gloves ($69.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer)  do.


Gloves with LED light


Thanks to these gloves you will have hands free illumination and be able to open the door a lot faster. The LED lights are located in the knuckle are and the button to turn them on is located near the wrist.


The Light Casting Gloves


The gloves are also made out of a conductive material that imitates human skin, so you will be able to use your smartphone even if yo do have the gloves on. The gloves are also water resistant and wind resistant so you hands are dry and warm.

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