Lilly McCloud is a Fake and is No Stranger to the Music World After All

Lilly McCloud is not the grandmother we all thought she was since she is o stranger to the music world since in the 80´s she even sung with Mick Jagger.

When we first saw Lilly McCloud on the stage of the X Factor, she was presented to us as a 54 yearl old grandmother who was looking for a hot at fame. In her audition video you can see hoe excited she is about getting this opportunity at 54 as if it was the first time she had been on a stage. If it hadn´t been for the tweet of one of the daughter maybe no one would have bothered to investigate Lilly´e past or should I say Nicole McCloud´s past.

Turns out that Lilly has quite a long career behind her. In the 80´s her stage name was Nicole McCloud and she was even signed by Portrait/Epic Records, had four albums and performed along side Mick Jagger and Micheal Jackson, oh! she even had 10 singles that made the U.S Billboard Dance Chart. One X Factor fan names Montavilla made a great comments saying that she doesn´t have a problem with Lilly having experience but she does have a problem with her having experience and pretending she doesn´t. I completely agree.

This isn´t the first time that shows like the X Factor try to male us think that someone with an amazing voice is new to the music world. There are quite a few cases but I will just mention one and she goes by the name of Judith Hill. If you saw Micheal Jacksons This Is It Movie you will remember seeing Judith Hill performing along side Micheal.

Lilly McCloud is a Fake and is No Stranger to the Music World After All

They could have at least picked someone a little older but oh well. In The Voice they tried to make Judith pass as any other contestant trying to make it but is it really that hard to find a normal Joe with a great voice who is actually new to the music world? We´ll just have to wait and see who they try to sneak in the next time.


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