Long Lines and Even a Fight on the New iPhones Release Day

Some things were to be expected on the iPhone 5S and 5C´s release day but a fight? Come on people.

Besides the announcement of the new iPhones, the actual release day of the iPhones is also news and today was no different. People all over the world were willing to wait in extremely long lines and even in the rain, if that meant that they could get their hands on their new iPhones. No stores had to close down due to serious incidents but there was a fight outside a Pasadena, California Apple store. The reason for the fight is not known but it doesn´t take a genius to figure out that there was an iPhone involved.

A homeless man did make quite a scene when an Apple store ran out of iPhones since that meant that he would not get paid for waiting in line for who knows who. People have been willing to wait as early as 1am in order to get their hands on the new iPhones and have also slept in a tent instead of their warm bed, all for the new iPhones. Enjoy the pics of people waiting in long lines and the look of true happiness on their faces.

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