Lookout Security App – Latest Version Comes with New Feature

Be alerted if your smartphone is stolen and erase any valuable information on it with Lookout.

I think we have all experienced the horrible feeling of feeling out heart rise up to our throats when we think that we have lost our smartphone or it has been stolen. Many times our phone is still in our pockets but a day may come when we actually lost our smartphone or it has been stolen. Many just give in to the possibility that they will never see their smartphone but obviously don´t want their info falling into the wrong hands.




The latest version of Lookout has a new feature called Theft Alerts that warn you of suspicious activity. An eMail will be sent to you if Lookout notices that your smartphone has been turned off, the SIM card has been removed, wrong pin has been introduced or if the app has been removed as the phones administrator.


Lookout Security App


You will also see the same specs as always such as the app taking a picture of the thief, so when you step into the Police station, you won´t just be able to describe your phone but even show them a pic of who stole it. The downside is that these features are for paid users but all platforms except iOS can use them for free until September 31st.

We all type in the wrong code from time to time but Lookout won´t invade your inbox you program the app not to do so.

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