The best memes of 2017

Now that is about the end of the year we can’t give a review for the latest trends fun that has left us the Internet and social networks in 2017.

It is difficult to select the best memes of the year, especially taking into account that each day originate thousands and its popularity is becoming more and more ephemeral. A few years ago we could spend weeks laughing at the same joke, but now what makes us grace one day seem outdated the next day.

Anyway, there have been some jokes, jokes and jokes on the Internet that this year is coming to an end have stood out above the rest.

We’re going to do a review for some of which, in the judgment of the drafting of TreceBits, more have made us smile in 2017 and we invite you to, in the comments, also señaléis those to which you have seemed more fun. What do you think?

Operation Triumph

One of the biggest successes in social networks, 2017, has starred in without a doubt the return of operación Triunfo. The good work of your team of Community managers and the naturally given off by the guys with the cameras have led to that for months every day the programme-and its broadcast 24 hours – is a trending topic in social networks. Obviously, with so much exposure, it was inevitable that circulated memes by the network. There are millions…

Boyfriend distracted and jealous girlfriend

One of the photos most commented on the Internet this year has been the one that heads this article, which represents a boyfriend who looks at another girl while his girlfriend gets angry. It has not been the picture itself is more popular, but the hundreds of versions that have been made of it in order to adapt the image to any situation.


Could be one of the words of the year, but it is a term that escaped the president of the united States, Donald Trump, in a tweet. Users soon find the most varied explanations to the succession of letters, apparently meaningless.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The football is always the subject of numerous memes. In this year, they have become popular many thanks to the qualifying stage of the World of Russia, but perhaps the issue that most have given that talk, and with reason, to be the bust that made him the Golden ball Cristiano Ronaldo to put it in the airport of Madeira (Portugal).

The dresses of Cristina Pedroche

We end the review with one of the memes most popular at the beginning of 2017, and that will be repeated and generate jokes, starting tomorrow, without a doubt: the dress of Cristina Pedroche in order to give the Chimes without doubt give you the note again and generate thousands of jokes like this, which also splashed Alberto Chicote.

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