Magneto Calendar is Shutting Down

On December 23rd, Magneto Calendar will be closing forever.

We all know that when it comes to calendar apps, the competition is tough. So tough that many apps end up closing and this time it is Magento Calendar´s time to say Good Bye. The Magento Calendar team have announced that on December 23rd the calendar app will be closing.


Magento Calendar Shuts Down


In the eMail they sent out to all their users, they explain how their users can get their to-dos by following some simple steps. They also inform everyone that after December 23rd all the data of their users will me eliminated from their servers and that no one will be able to use Magneto Calendar on iPhone, the web, browser extension or on iPad apps.

The Magneto Calendar Team thanks everyone who gave the calendar app a try and expresses how sad they are to see the app they worked so hard on go.

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