How to Make Free and Safe Calls on the Internet

Want to make free and secure calls using the Internet? One way to do so is by using Gruveo.

The way the economy is going it is no surprise that we want as many free things as possible. You may already have tools that help you make free Internet calls but here is one more, just in case. Gruveo is an On-Line app that helps all its users make free and secure calls online. The best thing is that users are not obligates to enter their personal information by registering.

How to Make Free and Safe Calls on the Internet

To use Gruvveo, you don´t have to install any type of software and you have the option of kaing a simple voice call or a video call, your choice. The first thing you need to do is choose a random number that will turn into your phone number, then you will need to go to the Gruveo site introduce the number and choose what kind of all you want to make.

The person you want to talk to has to do the same thing and then the cal is connected immediately. Gruveo uses a Flash plugin so it can get access to thr PC´s microphone and webcam so we will need to OK that. Once the call is connected no one else can have access tot he call and if someone does try, they will be put on hold until the callers hangs up. Gruveo recommends that the phone number you make up is not something like 1234, but something more complicated and longer.

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