Marvel VS Capcom 2 on Sale Today

Videogame deals. Marvel vs Capcom 2 on sale for only UD$7, 560 Microsoft points.

Attention all Xbox 360 owners to day is the day where you will be able to get your hand son quite a deal. Call it a last minute Christmas gift but you can, as of today, get your hands on Marvel VS Capcom 2 for only 560 Microsoft points! Why is this so great? Because if it were not for this great sale you would have to pay a lot more,how much?

1,200 points is how many points you would¬† have to cough up normally but if you go to Xbox live you can get it now. So, don’t waste time and head on over there and take advantage of this great offer.

For only UD$7¬† this great game can be yours, so honestly I don’t understand why you are still reading this, Go!

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