Meet the $4000 Gaming System


JVL Encore just might be the most expensive gaming system out there with a 4 grand price tag.

When we heard that Xbox prices were going down we couldn´t help but smile, and the price cut was also great news due to economic crisis. In these time of crisis, it´s nice to have something that can at least distract you for a while but Who in the world would pay $4000.00 for a gaming system? You would be surprised how many people would.


This 4 grand gaming system is called JVL Encore HD,  and it features a integrated 22″ LCD touchscreen, a hi-fi audio system, overhead lighting, five-speakers, a coin slot, and a selection of over 130 games. The JVL Encore HD is a home version of commercial bar-top puzzle game machines, and offers “gem-swapping puzzles, poker matches, Sudoku challenges and trivia-based digital diversions. Whoever put the 4 grand price tag must have been drunk at the moment because paying that amount for a systems that only has 11 HD games out of 130 games is something I wouldn´t do, but hey that´s just my opinion. What do you think? Would you pay 4 grand?


What would you prefer, the JVL Gaming System for $4000.00 or an Xbox 360, a Wii, a PS3, a DS, a PSP, a thousand-dollar TV, a thousand-dollar sound system, and after you have spent all that you’d still have nearly a grand to spend on whatever you feel like spending your money on. Hmmm not a very tough choice.

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