Messaging Apps We Can Use to Replace SMS on our Smartphones

If you are looking for messaging apps in order to replace the SMS on your smartphone, try these apps.

When we think about messaging apps the first we might think of is WhatsApp. It is a little hard not to think of this app since more than 300 million people use this app every month. One of the thing that make this app popular is how easy it is to use which makes its a great app for people that don´t get along with technology. Another good thing is its low price since we only have to pay $0.99 for a 1 year subscription. With WhatsApp, you can send text messages, voice messages and pics as well.

Another app that might interest you is GroupMe and you can tell that it is a group messaging app just by reading its name. With this app we can shares pics, text based chats, videos and more. The app is available on various platforms and it is also available for our desktops. Another app you might be interested in is Line. This is a free app that was made in Japan and in this app users can send pics and videos, hold group chats, make voice and video calls but only between fellow Line users. With Line, users can use their money to buy virtual content such as stickers and other things you might need in a game you might be playing. Users can also sign up to get messages from their favorite brands. Line is also compatible with more than 40 apps and there are more apps on the way. The apps is completely free.

There is also WeChat, this is a China made app that mixes a range of social network like features with messaging. We this app we get features such as voice and video calls, group chat, voice and video calls, push to talk voice messages and opt in accounts from brands.

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