Metalhead and the decay of Black Mirror

Metalhead and the decay of Black Mirror:

It is true that since the 3rd season when Black Mirror began to be produced by Netflix, the quality has declined and a lot, but what we see in this 5th episode of the 4th season – titled Metalhead, it is almost insulting to fans of the series and a sample to there explains that Charlie Brooker has run out of ideas and really don’t have the conditions to continue writing 6 episodes a year.

In their first 7 and excellent episodes of the series (produced from 4 years old), even at the time of Channel 4, Black Mirror accustomed us to present episodes dense with not only good stories, but also with sub-texts are very strong, with social criticism or even with forecasts pessimistic about the future of technology and humanity.

This facet of the series, and create discussions and visions about the malhes of mankind, that did the series have a golden special and have earned a special space in the heart of any seriador.

However, since Netflix bought the rights to the series and began to produce Black Mirror, the series has lost its essence and not only this, in all the episodes of the 3° and in Metalhead (single seen of this season for me so far), Charlie Brooker went into a phase where you are more concerned about shocking the viewer than actually try to tell good stories.

Charlie Brooker needs a rest urgently.

In Metalhead, we follow Bella (Maxine Peake) the demand for supplies in the wasteland, they encounter a relentless enemy. Now, escape is the only way out.

Simple premise, but the execution laughable. Metalhead is the typical episode empty, there are no sub-text some, it brings excitement necessary that the premise requires, does not bring anything new to the series in addition to a photo (beautiful, by the way) in black and white.

It’s basically why this episode may be remembered one day as the episode in black-and-white of Black Mirror, and/or also by the episode that marked the decline of one of the best series of the decade.

It is very sad to see that Charlie Brooker, that a few years ago flirted as one of the best writers of the TV, became this, a any. It is very sad to see that one of the series most promising of the decade, made this, obvious, explicit, and shallow, thus losing its magic. That come better days.

Black Mirror can be is complete on Netflix.