Microsoft Could Announce Their Biggest Layoff to Date

After Microsoft and Nokia merge, the software giant is ready to announce the biggest layoff in their history.

It is always sad to have to announce any number of layoffs but this one is going is going to depress just about everyone. According to rumors Microsoft is going to announce the biggest number of layoff in their history but the exact number of the layoffs are not known.


Microsoft Could Announce Their Biggesr Layoff to Date


Back in 2099, Microsoft had fired 5,800 employees but rumors say that the layoff that Microsoft could announce s early as this week could possible y larger than that. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, hinted on the layoffs by saying, ¨share more on the engineering and organization changes we believe are needed¨. This was something that was said in a memo to employees last week and this week it could become a reality.


Microsoft Could Announce Their Biggesr Layoff to Date


There are obviously more employees that positions available and this is the way Microsoft is dealing with it.

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