Microsoft Buys Nokia´s Smartphone Business for 7 Billion

You may have seen it coming it looks like it is finally here, Microsoft is buying Nokia´s Smartphone business for 7 Billion dollars.

It is practically a sure thing, but if all goes well, Microsoft will be the new Nokia Smartphone business owner. Microsoft is going to pay 3.70 billion euro for Nokia´s device business. That should be around 5 billion US dollars and then Microsoft is going to pay 2.2 billion dollars for the right to Nokia´s patents. A piece of good that has come out of all of this is that Microsoft is going to keep Nokia 32,000 employees and it looks like we are not going to have to hear about anyone getting fired.

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop is going to be returning (kind of) to his old job since before working for Nokia, he use to work for Microsoft. The fact that Microsoft will be buying Nokia may not be a huge shocker for many since Nokia is the only manufacturer that exclusively uses Windows Phone 8 for their smartphones. The Lumia Phones are practically the best selling Windows Phone today since the company sold 7.4  million last quarter.

Most of those sales belong to the low end smartphone Nokia makes but just because they make more low end smartphones doesn´t mean that they don´t make any high end smartphones. Lets not forget about the Lumia 920, 925 and the 1020. So far Microsoft does not make its own smartphones even though many rumors have said that they were. Now that they have their own manufacturer, now they can brag about making their own handsets. We are going to have to wait to hear that the purchase is final and we know that with these major buyouts, we might have to wait a while but I am just happy to hear no one is loosing their job.

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