Microsoft Will End Mainstream Support for Windows 7

By January of 2015, Microsoft will eliminate mainstream support for Windows 7 in order for users to move to Windows 8.

We were all nice and comfy with out Windows 7 OS and thought that what happened to XP was something that was way into the future for Windows 7. Well, we were wrong since Microsoft has announced that they will be ending free Windows 7 support and they will pull the plug on January 13th, 2015.


Microsoft Will End Mainstream Support for Windows 7_1


This is something that is going to affect all Windows 7 versions and the end of support means that we can say good bye to performance and update features unless you have the extended support. Microsoft has also made it clear that even though they will no longer improve Windows 7 they will still continue to provide security patches until 2020.

As of January of 2015 we can say adiós to warranty claims, design changes an no charge incidents. If your business or just you have the extended support you will get all of the updates until January 14th 2020. There are rumors that Microsoft might do the same thing they did for XP, extend the due date a bit longer.


Microsoft Will End Mainstream Support for Windows 7


Many think that those rumors will stay at just that, rumors, since we can´t forget that Windows 8 has its desktop version which is a full version of Windows 7. So if Windows 8 is just too confusing, users can always turn to this option. Which OS do you use?

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