Microsoft to Fire 18,000 Employees

We all knew Microsoft was going to fire a large number of employees but now the software giant confirms that it will be 18,000.

Having to fire employees is usually something we hear about when to companies merge and Microsft is no different. Ever since they bought Nokia, deep down inside we knew this day coming and it is finally here. Microsoft has made it official and announced that they are going to fire a total of 18,000 employees.


Microsoft to Fire 18,000 Employees


Ever since Microsoft bought Nokia there have been more job positions than employees and it was only a matter of time. When Microsoft bought Nokia they took on 25,000 more employees than what they already had and now 12,500 must go. The other 5,500 employees that will be fired will be Microsoft employees that were not taken in with the purchase.

With less employees, Microsoft´s profits are going to be more and that is definitely something that all companies love. We can count on that Microsoft had a tough time deciding this since firing employees shouldn´t be something fun to do.

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