Microsoft and Google Will Sue the U.S Government

Tired of not being able to be completely honest with how much info the company releases on user data petition, Google and Microsoft have decided to sue the U.S Government.

This whole spying situation is obviously something that is never going to end but Microsoft and Google are at least fighting for the right to be able to be completely honest with how many petitions they receive from the government about user data. With this lawsuit, Microsoft hope to be able reveal additional information about the governments user data petitions but we all know how long lawsuit can take.

This lawsuit was not the two companies first choice since they have been negotiating with the Department of Justice for the past couple of week but those negotiations have obviously failed. Google and Microsoft hope that they can soon be honest about the petitions they receive about the user data. FISA is not making things any easier since they have made things harder in order for the tech giants to reveal the truth about the petitions.

The U.S government has revealed that they willrelese s report listing the total number of such requests once a year. This is definitely good news but the doubt is that how honest are they really going to be with that list. Looks like all we can do for now is wait and when more info on the subject come up, we will definitely let you know.


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