Microsoft Selfie Now Available for iOS

Microsoft releases a new selfie app for iPhone, iPod and iPad users.

Microsoft has been busy in the last couple of months creating apps for the competition, but now it is iOS users that are going to be able to enjoy the software giant’s new creation. The app is called Microsoft Selfie, and it is guessed it, for taking selfies. Time will tell if this app doesn´t get buried under the hundred of selfie apps already out there or if it will turn out to be one in every iOS device.Now, your selfie toaster is going to have some competition.

Microsoft Selfie uses smart processing, and when it processes your selfie, it takes into consideration things like your age, skin tone, gender, and the lightning of where you are. You can either edit the selfies you already have in your gallery or the new ones. If you want to try this new selfie app for iOS out, make your that your iPhone, iPod or iPad has iOS 8 or higher. So, does this app sound like you that you will, at least, tryout?

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