Microsoft to Return to CES in 2014

Microsoft has decided that two years is enough time and has decided to return to CES 2014.

Some may not have even noticed that Microsoft has been missing from the CES scene for about two years with so many companies presenting their latest creations but CES has been Microsoft-less for that amount of time. Microsoft is not going to be holding its January Keynote but it has reserved quite a few meeting rooms. It has also been said that when Microsoft returns in 2014, it is going to be their biggest participation. CES president Gary Shapiro was the one that officially announced that Microsoft had returned and that they had taken our a large amount of meeting rooms.

He also said that Microsoft is going to have to decide who they make those rooms available to but they he imagines that the press will be welcomed. Shapiro also said that they have had a great relationship with Microsoft even though they had a little blip this year. The reason that Microsoft left CES was that the January date did not go well with their release dates and with that withdrawal , many thought that that was the beginning of the end for CES but so far it is till there and now it is going to be what it once was with Microsoft coming back. CES 2014 will take place from the 7-10th of January.


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