Microsoft WindUp – New Direct Snapchat Competitor

New instant messaging app for Windows Phone users, WindUp from Microsoft.

Microsoft has not said what motivated them to create a SnapChat competitor but you can bet that it has something to do with how angry their Windows Phone users are because they have had to use non-official Snapchat apps. So, instead of loosing users, they went on and created a Snapchat like instant messaging app that also sends text messages or multi-media messages that self-destruct.


Microsoft WindUp - New Direct Snapchat Competitor


The FTC ruling that exposed that Snapchat was betraying its users and then when it exposed almost 5 million account, definitely didn´t help the apps reputation since many users no longer trust the app. So, looks like Microsoft wanted to start over and decided to create a ¨new¨ Snapchat like messaging app.

WindUp is for Windows Phone8 and 8.1 and the downside to WindUp is that it doesn´t have video chat like Snapchat but since the app is spankin´new, hopefully we will see that feature later on.

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