Microwave with LCD Screen

Keio University has created a microwave that features a built in LCD screen that can stream YouTube videos.

Little by little LCD screens are making their way onto just about any electronic device and now thanks to the Keio University, we can now watch our favorite YouTube videos on our microwave. I don’t know how close you are going to want to stand next to your microwave with the whole radiation thing that is linked to microwaves.

The Microwave features speakers and a 10.4-inch LCD screen on the door panel. It can be connected to either a Mac or a Windows PC. It can play YouTube video which length matches the time it needs to heat up your food. With this microwave you don’t have to worry about putting on a video that takes too long since if heating up your food takes 2 minutes the microwave will put on a video that is exactly 2 minutes long. For the time being there is no info on pricing or when the Keio University might commercialize it but we will keep you informed.

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