Minecraft is Coming to Windows Phone

Cry no more Windows Phone fans since Microsoft has promised that it is coming.

Everyone who loves games has surely played Minecraft and that is a very easy thing to do since it is available on a variety of platforms. For some reason the famous game is not available on Windows Phones but since Microsoft bought the company that made the game, it is only a matter of time before Minecraft is available on Windows Phones.


Minecraft is Coming to Windows Phone1


Microsoft´s XBox Chief Phil Spencer was the one who promised that the famous game is coming to Windows Phone and Windows Phone users just can´t wait. It has only been a week since Microsoft bought Mojang and they have already confirmed the good news.

When Mojang was purchased, everyone feared that Minecraft was going to be a Windows Phone exclusive but thank goodness that didn´t happen. Microsoft has not given a exact date as to when Microsoft is going to be available for Windows Phone but when one is given we will let you know.

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